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Dec 10, 2012

"Funniest Storyteller on the Planet" Nomination!

Wow. It is with great humility and awe that I announce I'm honored to to be nominated in Funny Not Slutty's "Funniest Storyteller on the Planet" category alongside some extremely talented folks including Mike Birbiglia, Louis C.K., friends Adam Wade, Kambri Crews, and more!

If you happen to be in a voting mood, you can do so HERE. And as always, thanks so much for all your continued support and internet love. I heart you guys!

Nov 17, 2012

Creating Art in the Midst of a Storm?

Below is a blog that I wrote several days after Hurricane Sandy, but never got around to posting. So, here it is. Posted:

As New York works to regain some sense of normalcy after Hurricane Sandy, I've found myself consistently thinking about one particular thing—artistic sensitivity (and artistic necessity?) in the midst of a disaster. I've been thinking about this so much that I'm not exactly sure where to start, so I'll just delve into it.

On November 2nd, several days after Sandy hit, my husband was scheduled to appear at KGB Bar in the East Village to celebrate the release of his first book of poetry, Enduro's Lament. This was years of writing and months of preparation in the making. Despite the storm and its affects, the books found their way safely to Brooklyn in time. And thus popped up the big question: Do we still hold the reading when so many people are still suffering and dealing with the hurricane's after-effects? Enter internal debate.

Enduro's Lament chilling at the KGB Bar
Are we being insensitive if we hold the reading? Could this actually be a significant and beautiful thing if we proceed as planned? Does the venue even have electricity? Will we be safe?

Oct 29, 2012

I'm stuck in a 'bout you?

Hello Sideshow Friends and Random Others Who May Have Found Themselves On This Page!

Well, hurricane Sandy is upon us here in the Northeast which means I have lots of time to throw out expired makeup, rearrange my couch pillows, and see how long I can listen to the same Pandora station without going crazy (so far, I'm several hours into the "Claire de Lune" station without any incident).

And all this down time also serves as a great chance to say "THANK YOU" to everyone who came out to last week's Sideshow Goshko. I was especially excited because all of October's readers had never performed with us at KGB. It was a special "virgin" lineup ( ;)

See? Sexy ladies and gent. (L to R: JiJi Lee, Leslie Goshko, Kerri Doherty, Ben Lillie)

Big thanks to Maryanne Ventrice for capturing the evening's festivities. And in case you weren't able to join us, don't worry! We'll be back at KGB in November for our last show of the year!!! Eek! That's right. So, if you haven't had a chance to make it out to Sideshow in a while, come help us close out the year on Thursday, November 29th, 7pm @ KGB Bar.

Oct 23, 2012

The Sideshow Face of Yesterday and the Look of Tomorrow!

Yep, you've heard right. Tomorrow IS in fact another installment of Sideshow Goshko with the amazing talents of Kerri Doherty (Adult Swim, host Geeking Out), Ben Lillie (TED writer, host Story Collider), and JiJi Lee (The Moth, UCB Theater)!

The Gist: Award-winning storyteller Leslie Goshko (Huffington Post, SiriusXM, WNYC) invites some of NY’s top writers and storytellers to share true, bizarre tales about their lives. There’s live accordion music, a challenging trivia game, and a free wine giveaway where one lucky audience member will walk away with their very own bottle of Sideshow Sauce! Tonight’s stellar lineup includes stories from:
  • Ben Lillie (host of The Story Collider, TED writer)
with music by Dr. Leona Godin

Time Out NY “Critics’ Pick”
NY Daily News “Editor’s Pick”
* “a well-programmed night” - The New York Times

Also, our big thanks for shout-outs in the following:

So come on out to KGB Bar for a night of primo storytelling, loads of trivia fun, a wine giveaway, and all for FREE! 

Sideshow Goshko Storytelling Series

Wednesday, October 24th, 7pm
KGB Bar (85 E. 4th Street, NY, NY)

Also, thanks to everyone who came out to last month's Sideshow Goshko. Our storytellers and audience are the best, hands down! (all photos courtesy of Maryanne Ventrice)
September 2012 Sideshow Gang

Oct 22, 2012

Dear Lord, Please Send Me A Mr. McGibblets Costume!

The League is a TV show that can pretty much crack me up any time I watch it. I wish I could watch it more but I don't own a TV and the last time I tried to download an episode of it online I got a computer virus that crashed my entire hard drive and made life miserable for a while.


My all-time favorite character on the show isn't one of the lead actors. It isn't an occasional featured performer. It's a fictitious character known as Mr. McGibblets, and he gets me every time.

Just look:

Okay, so you may not be able to grasp the entire breadth and depth of Mr. McGibblets' awesomeness from that clip (you really need to watch the whole episode). But you can imagine how stoked I was when I saw THIS:


I don't normally get into Halloween. I don't even really care about wearing costumes. But you know what? I care about THIS costume! I would wear this effing costume every single day! Can you imagine the possibilities? Mr. McGibblets walks around Central Park. Mr. McGibblets buys a Metro Card. Mr. McGibblets tries speed dating and then hits rock bottom and gets a sponsor. This is my calling! I was meant to inhabit Mr. McGibblets!

I write this in hopes that my husband, okieinthecity, will see this post and think, "My wife deserves a Mr. McGibblets costume" and then buy it for me. I might also make mention that it is currently 50% off right now (That's right! HALF off!) We can have Christmas Mr. McGibblets. Hanukkah Mr. McGibblets. Flag Day Mr. McGibblets. The options are endless!!!

So, okieinthecity. How much do you love your wife? Sure, you could buy me an expensive bottle of perfume. could pocket the difference and buy me this kick-ass costume that I would wear every single day. Yes, you'd then officially be married to an explicitly mentally unstable person. But look at that polyestor face. Isn't it worth it?

PS--I'm totally serious that I want this.

Oct 11, 2012

Turning Neighbor Woe Into HuffPo!

If you've ever had or currently have horrible neighbors, then I wrote this for you. Turning neighbor woe into HuffPo, "Now Accepting Submissions for the I Have the Worst Neighbors Ever Award!"

Sep 4, 2012

Sideshow Photos and Recaps!

I know you've just been sitting there wondering, "When is Leslie going to upload photos from the past couple Sideshow Goshkos?" Or maybe you've been thinking about why cheese tastes great on EVERYTHING! Either way, I have the long-lost photos (and some cheese in my fridge). So without further a do, here we go:

JULY SIDESHOW GOSHKO w/Joey Novick, Diana Spechler, Dana Rossi, and David Crabb 

Dr. Leona looking lovely as usual

Explaining the perils of Sideshow Sauce

Aug 25, 2012

Hello Huffington Post!

Well, it's been a while since I've been on here. I'll just say it: I've been a negligent blogger :(

It's been a combination of new jobs, moving shite, apartment problems, and well, But, I'm back and will try to be a little more consistent.

I'm overhauling the site, so I apologize for any wonkiness you may encounter. I'll get it squared away eventually.

But for now, I'm very excited to announce that I am an official contributing blogger for the Huffington Post! Big thanks to the Huffington Post, their editors, and blog team for giving me the opportunity.

Below is a link to my most two most recent posts. If you're looking for something to read on your ipad while you're on the toilet, may I be sold bold as to suggest these:

Today's Comedian: Rock Star or Health Junkie? Interviews with Marc Maron, Dave Hill, and more!

A Quick History Lesson on Gun Violence

Thanks so much for reading and if no one told you today, you look GREAT!


Jun 22, 2012

Let Me Clear My Throat Before I Scream This...


That's right, THE New Yorker! Huge thanks to The New Yorker for featuring us in their Goings On About Town: Readings and Talks section. We're so grateful and geeking out with ear to ear grins. 

So, you really have no excuse not to come check out the show. And with this amazing lineup, why would you want to miss it?
  • Kurt Braunohler (host of IFC's game show Bunk, Hot Tub with Kurt & Kristen)
  • Elna Baker (This American Life, author The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance)

With music by Dr. Leona Godin

Tickets available HERE and get $2 off with discount code CBC Fans (case and space sensitive)

So, come see why The New York Times calls us "a well-programmed night" and why The New Yorker thinks we're worthy of ink space. It's gonna be a blast!

See you Thursday, June 28th, 2012, 7pm @ 92YTribeca! 

May 31, 2012

May Sideshow Goshko Recap

Okay, I just have to say this off the bat--May's Sideshow Goshko was one of my favorites to date! Even though it was raining cats and dogs outside, we had one of the most lively and fun audiences and our storytellers "brought it!" It was one of those nights filled with laughter and friends where you say to yourself, "Oh, this is why I do this!"

Okay, enough shmaltz. On to the recap! all photos courtesy of Maryanne Ventrice

Group rockin' the staches in honor of John Flynn

May 23, 2012

Dave Hill LIVE at Sideshow Goshko (and he's got a new book!!!)

Hey Ladies and Gents!

So, exciting news! Sideshow Goshko alum, Mr. Dave Hill, has a brand spankin' new book out called Tasteful Nudes! First off, you should buy it. Why? 'Cause Dave is super funny, super talented, and super stylish (I mean, just check out that outfit below! Awesome).

Secondly, I'm happy to share the live audio recording featuring Dave Hill at our 92Y Tribeca main stage edition of Sideshow Goshko!  He tells a great story about a certain lady friend and the internet. But don't take my word for it, have a listen yourself. And then after you're done laughing, don't forget to go buy his book. Congrats, Dave!

photo courtesy Maryanne Ventrice

special thanks to Colin Dempsey and 92YTribeca for the audio. 

And don't forget, our next Sideshow Goshko is this Thursday, May 24th, 7pm @ KGB Bar! We've got a great lineup featuring:

John Flynn (UCB Theater, winner of Backstage Bistro Award for Outstanding Comedy)
Caitlin Brodnick (The Moth, host of “Shut Up” storytelling series)
Evan Morgenstern (host of Switzerland Neutral Comedy)

with music by Dr. Michelle-Leona Godin
Time Out New York “Critic’s Pick”
New York Daily News “Editor’s Pick”

Apr 9, 2012

Sideshow Goshko in the New York Times!

Okay, it goes without saying that I am so excited to announce that Sideshow Goshko has been featured in a recent article about storytelling by THE NEW YORK TIMES! Huge thanks to the Times and Jason Zinoman for the mention and for calling us, "a well-programmed night!"

Join us for our next installment of Sideshow Goshko on Wednesday, April 25th, 7pm at KGB Bar with stories from:

SETH LIND (producer "This American Life")
ERIN BARKER (Moth Grand Slam Champion)
RORY SCHOLL (The Moth, BTK Band)

with live music by Dr. Michelle Leona Godin.


See you there! And thanks, New York Times! We heart you.

Apr 3, 2012

Sideshow Goshko in HD!!!

Okay, I'm super excited! Why? I'll tell you. Because our recap of last month's Sideshow Goshko comes to you complete in HD VIDEO! That's right! Thanks to our friend Todd Jackson, you can watch last month's show in its entirety and not even have to get off the couch or put on pants! How cool is that?

So sit back, relax, have a cocktail, and enjoy tales from the talents of Corey Pandolph, Glennis McCarthy, and Michelle-Leona Godin. All coming to you from the KGB Bar in New York City. Hosted by yours truly.

Our next Sideshow is on Wednesday, April 25th, 7pm @ KGB Bar. See you there!

Feb 29, 2012

92Y Sideshow Recap

Whew, well, we did it! Sideshow Goshko returned to the mainstage at 92YTribeca and we had an amazing lineup and great crowd for the occasion. Big thanks to the talents of Chris Gethard, Dave Hill, and Jackie Kashian for bringing the goods, and to my awesome sidekick Dr. Michelle-Leona Godin for always being by my side.

Next month we're back at our regular home, KGB Bar, Friday, March 23rd, 7pm! Hope to see you there.

Author and comedian Dave Hill (Tasteful Nudes, This American Life) shared a tale about the most beautiful, naked woman on the internet...and what ensued.

Feb 16, 2012

SiriusXM and 92YTribeca Part II

Hey All!

I'm super excited to announce that next week I'll be back at the SiriusXM studios chatting with the very awesome Mark Says Hi about our upcoming 92YTribeca Sideshow Goshko! We talk storytelling, the show, and who knows what else! But it'll be fun.

Mark and I at SiriusXM Raw Dog Comedy
So, don't forget to tune into Raw Dog Sirius XM 99 next Wed, February 22nd, 2:15pm .
ALSO! If you haven't purchased your tickets for Sideshow Goshko yet, you can cross that off your "To Do" list right now! Simply click HERE! and you're practically done.
Looking forward to seeing you all at the show and I'll be in your earbuds next week! 
And in case no one told you today, you look FABULOUS!

Feb 1, 2012

I'm Heading to Yale!!!

Well, not for academics. But for sexademics. That's right! I'll be performing with the long-running and hilarious show "Stripped Stories" as part of Yale University's "Sex Week!"

 via Yale's "Sex Week" website:

"Sex Week is a biennial series of events and workshops on sexuality, intimacy, and relationships organized by and for Yale students. We believe these discussions are vital for young adults developing self-understanding and responsibility within a liberal arts education."

 So, if you happen to be in the neighborhood, why  not drop on by?!

in conjunction with Yale University's "Sex Week"
Wednesday, February 8th, 8pm
Saybrook Underbrook

Wear something sexy and we'll see you there!

Jan 25, 2012

Just another reason I love my band...

They take pictures like this during rehearsal. Thanks, Colin Dempsey!

and yes, when I don't straighten my hair, it really can get that big. You're welcome.

Jan 6, 2012

3 year Anniversary Sideshow Goshko is a Time Out NY "Critic's Pick!"

On Friday, January 13th, 2011, it happens...The 3 Year Anniversary of Sideshow Goshko! Join us as we celebrate 3 years of storytelling with an amazing cast. Hear true tales from:

ELNA BAKER (This American Life)

SARA BENINCASA (author "Agorafabulous")

PETER AGUERO (Moth GrandSlam Champion)

And huge thanks to Time Out New York for naming us a "Critics' Pick!"

So, mark your calendars and we'll see you there.

Friday, January 13th, 7pm
KGB Bar (85 E. 4th Street)