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Oct 22, 2012

Dear Lord, Please Send Me A Mr. McGibblets Costume!

The League is a TV show that can pretty much crack me up any time I watch it. I wish I could watch it more but I don't own a TV and the last time I tried to download an episode of it online I got a computer virus that crashed my entire hard drive and made life miserable for a while.


My all-time favorite character on the show isn't one of the lead actors. It isn't an occasional featured performer. It's a fictitious character known as Mr. McGibblets, and he gets me every time.

Just look:

Okay, so you may not be able to grasp the entire breadth and depth of Mr. McGibblets' awesomeness from that clip (you really need to watch the whole episode). But you can imagine how stoked I was when I saw THIS:


I don't normally get into Halloween. I don't even really care about wearing costumes. But you know what? I care about THIS costume! I would wear this effing costume every single day! Can you imagine the possibilities? Mr. McGibblets walks around Central Park. Mr. McGibblets buys a Metro Card. Mr. McGibblets tries speed dating and then hits rock bottom and gets a sponsor. This is my calling! I was meant to inhabit Mr. McGibblets!

I write this in hopes that my husband, okieinthecity, will see this post and think, "My wife deserves a Mr. McGibblets costume" and then buy it for me. I might also make mention that it is currently 50% off right now (That's right! HALF off!) We can have Christmas Mr. McGibblets. Hanukkah Mr. McGibblets. Flag Day Mr. McGibblets. The options are endless!!!

So, okieinthecity. How much do you love your wife? Sure, you could buy me an expensive bottle of perfume. could pocket the difference and buy me this kick-ass costume that I would wear every single day. Yes, you'd then officially be married to an explicitly mentally unstable person. But look at that polyestor face. Isn't it worth it?

PS--I'm totally serious that I want this.


David Hernandez said...

I just bought mine! Woooo! Tickle me and rub my belly!

Alex Crumb said...

Does anyone know where to get good matching shoes to go with the costume? It doesn't come with them. said...

Hmmm...don't know about shoes, but I'm sure Mr. McGibblet can rock any style ;)

MegBell123 said...

Any idea where to purchase this costume now? Your post is the most recent I have found so far but the fx network shop does not seem to have it at the moment :/

Any advice would be useful, I am trying to surprise my fiance for his birthday! :) Thank you! said...

Hey MegBell123,

I got mine from the FX store, so not sure where you might find one post-Halloween season. My first guess would be to hit up ebay and see if anyone is selling one. Regardless, best of luck in your search and hope you can surprise your fiance!