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Jul 27, 2015

July Sideshow Goshko Recap, Going to the Prom, & Kick Assonance!

Wow, what a fun Sideshow Goshko that was last week! Not only did we celebrate two anniversaries (the half birthday of SG--6 1/2 years! And my wedding anniversary--11 years what?!), we also had the debut of two new performers to Sideshow Goshko: Kyle Erickson and Athalie Paynting who did a fantastic job!

And look what a cute prom group we are!
(L to R: Kyle Erickson, Leslie Goshko, Rory Scholl, Athalie Paynting*)
Big thanks to everyone who came out to support the show and to all our fantastic storytellers! Sideshow Goshko is taking a hiatus for the month of August, but fear not! I will be hosting the Time Out New York "Critic's Pick" Kick Assonance Reading Series in its place on Thursday, August 27th, 7pm, at KGB Bar. FREE! You don't wanna miss it.

So, see you on the 27th for a night of original works and my bad high school poetry! Trust me, it's worth it.

Kick Assonance Reading Series:

Award-winning storyteller and Huffington Post blogger Leslie Goshko hosts tonight’s curated evening of original poetic works that’s sure to Kick Assonance! Join co-creators Kyle Erickson ("Enduro’s Lament") and Steven Leyva ("Low Parish") as they welcome fellow authors Ron Kolm and Zakia Henderson-Brown for an evening of original poetry that Time Out New York magazine named a “Critics’ Pick.”

*photos courtesy Maryanne Ventrice 

Jul 21, 2015

You Meet The Nicest People In Your Dreams...

Unless you have night terrors, and then in that case, I'm sorry...


Sideshow Goshko Storytelling Series Does "Anniversaries"

A mere two days away...did you get your tickets? No? That's because it's FREE! A New York Times "Critic's Pick," this month we celebrate Sideshow Goshko's half birthday (6 1/2 years!) and an 11 year wedding anniversary. Not saying whose, but there will be toasting and drinks. Always FREE, always at a Soviet Bar. Hope to see you there!
Classy from the start
Award-winning storyteller Leslie Goshko (Huffington Post, Manhattan Monologue Slam Champion) invites some of NY’s top writers and storytellers to share true, bizarre tales about their lives. There’s a challenging trivia game and a free wine giveaway where one lucky audience member will walk away with their very own bottle of Sideshow Sauce! Tonight’s stellar lineup includes stories from:

Rory Scholl ("Mallorca" Off-Broadway, The People's Improv Theater, NYC Fringe Festival)

Kyle Erickson (Kick Assonance Reading Series, author "Enduro's Lament," This Land Press)

Athalie Paynting (Moth StorySlam Winner)

* Time Out NY “Critics’ Pick” 
* NY Daily News “Editor’s Pick” 
* “a well-programmed night” - The New York Times

Jun 30, 2015

More Piano Party Footage: Annie Lennox "Why"

These videos are slooooowly rolling out because my editing software and computer are about as archaic as they come.

BUT, in other exciting news, it's been confirmed that "An Old-Fashioned Piano Party with Leslie Goshko" (Time Out NY "Critic's Pick") will return to the award-winning Cornelia Street Cafe on Saturday, October 24th, 6pm. And, MY MOM WILL BE THERE!

So, mark those calendars and save the date!

Loser's Lounge: Devo vs. B-52's

Huge thanks to the Loser's Lounge for having me on their Devo vs. B-52's showdown! Although the B-52's didn't win on the night I performed, I still got an amazing excuse to buy this wig.

Prize Winner!!! AKA Don't Give Up on Your Dreams!

You guys, there are moments when your dreams seem out of reach. When the mountain is too tall to scale. When you feel like giving up. But that's when you need to push through even harder. How do I know?...


For those of you who know my obsession with the movie Staying Alive and the music of Frank Stallone, this is a big effing deal!

Also, you can catch me talking about Staying Alive and all its glory at Cinema Stories on Wednesday, July 8th, 7pm at Videology in Brooklyn. I have slides! And video!!! And so much to say about Frank Stallone!!! Come on out, it's FREE :)

A Wunnerful "Thank You!"

We came, we saw, we Ars Nova-ed! A huge "thank you" to everyone who came out to Wunnerful Wunnerful as part of Ars Nova's ANT Fest and to everyone in the cast! We had a terrific time. I can sum it all up in two words: Bubble Machine!

Ginormous hair and an unblinking gaze...