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Jul 21, 2010

Cruel to be Kind

*Blogger is stupid and deleted my original post, so this is going to be a lamer, shorter version. 

I don't understand intentionally cruel people, I never have. That might sound odd coming from a comedian where there are so few topics off-limits, but it's true.

The other night while performing with the BTK Band, some guy went backstage, ransacked everyone's personal items, and made off with a bunch of cash and several cell phones. Once I got back there, I saw that my purse was open and my wallet was gone. Great! I immediately went into crisis mode thinking of all the things I had to do (and thank goodness my husband was there). "Okay, need to cancel my card, make a trip to the DMV for a new I.D. (blech), call my bank, what else am I forgetting..." A girl then came up to me and said that someone found some of their things strewn about the back hallway. I ran back to the greenroom, looked around, and luckily found my wallet with all its innards intact (apparently, the thief only wanted cash, and since I'm a comedian, I'm perpetually broke). I was so grateful! Especially since I despise the DMV!