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Jun 21, 2009

I'm either becoming a 13 yr old boy or a lesbian in her 20's!

To say that my heart is exploding with happiness over what I'm about to share with you is an understatement. Although not something I usually do, I have been frequenting a comic book store in my neighborhood and getting turned on to such great graphic novels as Fun Home and Shortcomings. While paying for my new fixes, I noticed the most amazing thing on the shelf behind the cash register:

BIG LEBOWSKI ACTION FIGURES!!!! I knew then and there that I must have them. I need The Dude and Walter sitting on my computer desk, looking at me while I update my facebook status. But along with the good comes the bad...they're sold out! Series 1 has been discontinued and not even the ebay sharks are throwing me a bone! WHAT TO DO?!?!? Series 2 & 3 will soon be available and I will definitely look into adopting the rest of the clan. But what about my series 1 babies? I feel like Angelina Jolie in the Changeling!*

So, that being said. I will not give up hope. I will continue the search for my white Russian chugging baby and his anger management challenged brother. But I do find solace in this one fact. The fact that THIS exists:

* I've actually never seen The Changeling, but I've gotta imagine that it goes something like this: "I'm Angelina Jolie! I'm beautiful! My child is missing! I'll do something daring to find him and look hot while doing it! Child found! I'm still hot! Oscar nomination?"

Jun 16, 2009

Recently Interviewed by Author Gwendolyn Glover!

I'm very lucky to know some pretty kick a** people. One of them is author Gwendolyn Glover (check her out HERE). Recently, she took time out of her busy schedule to send some questions my way and pick my brain. I happily obliged. Check out the interview where I divulge information about Canadians, roaches, and my onstage nakedness:

Interview By Gwendolyn Glover

Jun 14, 2009

June 17th Sideshow Goshko is gonna be off the hizzie!

That's right! We just keep truckin' right along through these summer months. And June's lineup is bringing the freaky funny to you.

Hilarious storytelling by:

*H. Alan Scott (Sirius/XM Radio, here!TV, Hollywood Improv)
*Margot Leitman (Comedy Central, MTV, VH1)
*Mark Normand (We're All Friends Here)
*Robin Gelfenbien (Sirius/XM Radio, VH1)

and as always, the fabulous Michelle Leona will be there to serenade us with LIVE accordion music. Don't forget about our trivia game and wine giveaway!!!

So see you there! Wednesday June 17th, 7:30pm, Ochi's Lounge (353 W. 14th, E. of 9th Ave)