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May 8, 2013

Thoughts Become Things: Frank Stallone Edition

Anyone who knows me knows that I genuinely and enthusiastically love the movie Staying Alive. And I don't love it in a tongue-in-cheek Entertainment Weekly-named-it-the-worst-sequel-of-all-time kind of way. I emphatically enjoy it and maintain that it's a good movie to watch. When I was a high school teacher (yeah, that happened) I used to quote and re-enact scenes from it to my students--sorry to all my students who will never be able to un-see that.

So, imagine my utter delight when yesterday THIS happened:

Frank Stallone favorited and retweeted our upcoming "Staying Alive" 30 year Tribute Party at Union Hall!!!!

In case you've been living under a rock, or just have never seen "Staying Alive" which is synonymous to me as living under a rock, Frank Stallone wrote and performed the iconic song "Far From Over" featured in the movie. 

After a gig one night over drinks, I was talking with some fellow comedians about how cool it would be to do a tribute party to Staying Alive. And lo and behold, this was the 30 year anniversary of the movie. I wanted to show video clips, have live commentary, and create a houseband--The StalloneTones--that would cover songs from the movie. And guess what?...THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS! 

On Wednesday, July 10th, the lovely Union Hall in Brooklyn is hosting us and our Staying Alive 30 year Tribute Party. And yes, there will be commentary and dance and prizes and trivia and The StalloneTones! I'm seriously so excited I might wet myself. 

So, thanks to Union Hall for hosting us! Thanks to Frank Stallone for making me squeal with delight at a retweet! Thanks to everyone who's going to be involved with the event! And thanks to everyone who's already planning on coming out to support. This is a dream come true. My Stallone dream...

Wednesday, July 10, 8pm
Union Hall, Brooklyn
$8, Tickets available HERE!

April 2013 Sideshow Goshko Recap

Hey Friends!

Well, we did it again! Another Sideshow Goshko down in the annals of history. Big thanks to our amazing storytellers Aaron Wolfe, Robin Gelfenbien, Blaise Allysen Kearsley, & Dr. Leona Godin and to everyone who came out to make it a packed house! I can't high-five you all enough.

Our awesome audience at KGB Bar. Photo courtesy Thomas Pryor
We're back again at KGB Bar on Thursday, May 23rd, 7pm with THIS amazing lineup:

Kambri Crews (author "Burn Down the Ground")
Thomas Pryor (The New York Times, author "River to River")
Joey Novick (Comedy Central)
Joanne Solomon (The Moth)

Music by Dr. Leona Godin

Time Out NY “Critics’ Pick”
NY Daily News “Editor’s Pick”
* “a well-programmed night” - The New York Times

And thanks to our faithful photographer Maryanne Ventrice for capturing the evening!

Host Leslie Goshko