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May 31, 2012

May Sideshow Goshko Recap

Okay, I just have to say this off the bat--May's Sideshow Goshko was one of my favorites to date! Even though it was raining cats and dogs outside, we had one of the most lively and fun audiences and our storytellers "brought it!" It was one of those nights filled with laughter and friends where you say to yourself, "Oh, this is why I do this!"

Okay, enough shmaltz. On to the recap! all photos courtesy of Maryanne Ventrice

Group rockin' the staches in honor of John Flynn

May 23, 2012

Dave Hill LIVE at Sideshow Goshko (and he's got a new book!!!)

Hey Ladies and Gents!

So, exciting news! Sideshow Goshko alum, Mr. Dave Hill, has a brand spankin' new book out called Tasteful Nudes! First off, you should buy it. Why? 'Cause Dave is super funny, super talented, and super stylish (I mean, just check out that outfit below! Awesome).

Secondly, I'm happy to share the live audio recording featuring Dave Hill at our 92Y Tribeca main stage edition of Sideshow Goshko!  He tells a great story about a certain lady friend and the internet. But don't take my word for it, have a listen yourself. And then after you're done laughing, don't forget to go buy his book. Congrats, Dave!

photo courtesy Maryanne Ventrice

special thanks to Colin Dempsey and 92YTribeca for the audio. 

And don't forget, our next Sideshow Goshko is this Thursday, May 24th, 7pm @ KGB Bar! We've got a great lineup featuring:

John Flynn (UCB Theater, winner of Backstage Bistro Award for Outstanding Comedy)
Caitlin Brodnick (The Moth, host of “Shut Up” storytelling series)
Evan Morgenstern (host of Switzerland Neutral Comedy)

with music by Dr. Michelle-Leona Godin
Time Out New York “Critic’s Pick”
New York Daily News “Editor’s Pick”