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Jul 13, 2011

G.A.P. #1

I'm starting a new blog series called G.A.P. (until the GAP store yells at me and tells me to change the name). And what does G.A.P. stand for? I'll tell you...Genuinely. Awesome. People. Sure, there can be some pretty douchey folks in the entertainment industry. But just as easily as I could go off about that, I could also just as easily shine a light on some of the amazing talent that I am so privileged to work with. So, for our first feature in the G.A.P. series, I present to you...Mindy Tucker!
photo by Marianne Ways, lighting by Kurt

We Did Indeed Kick Assonance!

Last week I got to host the much-anticipated, Kick Assonance Poetry Reading. Now, you may say, "Poetry? Laaaaaaaaame." But believe me, with a packed house, Jack Daniels drink specials, and some really funny yet moving stuff, it was a blast. Thanks to Kyle Erickson (the brain child behind the event) for asking me to host and share in an amazing evening. Me and four good-looking, talented young men? Not a bad gig.

(L to R) Kyle Erickson, Christian Ericson, Leslie Goshko, Steven Leyva, Sei Shiroma)

And as proof that I was correctly cast as host and not poet, I present to you a reading from my high school poetry journal. My apologies in advance.

Photo by Maryanne Ventrice. Full gallery HERE!

Jul 2, 2011

Take That, Violet Beauregarde!

My mom on the phone to me: "Yeah, for some reason you kept turning blue as a baby. Something to do with your esophagus. I don't know, you grew out of it..." This message brought to you by "parents who go with the flow."
Violet Beauregarde (Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory)