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Jul 13, 2011

G.A.P. #1

I'm starting a new blog series called G.A.P. (until the GAP store yells at me and tells me to change the name). And what does G.A.P. stand for? I'll tell you...Genuinely. Awesome. People. Sure, there can be some pretty douchey folks in the entertainment industry. But just as easily as I could go off about that, I could also just as easily shine a light on some of the amazing talent that I am so privileged to work with. So, for our first feature in the G.A.P. series, I present to you...Mindy Tucker!
photo by Marianne Ways, lighting by Kurt

If you've never seen any of Mindy Tucker's amazing photography, do yourself a favor and go there right now! She is the creator behind the site and can be found snapping pics at some of New York's hottest comedy shows. Not only is Mindy a fantastic photographer, but she's a painter, artist, and true Southern lady. I dare you not to fall in love with her Southern lilt. Seriously, I double dog dare you. I'm so honored to have been a part of several of her projects and below are just a few of the shots we've taken together. Mindy Tucker, congratulations! You are a Genuinely. Awesome. Person.

all photos below courtesy of Mindy Tucker

The first time I ever met Mindy Tucker, she was completely gracious. I raved like a lunatic about how much I loved her work and her reply was, "Let's get a shot of you!" A class act all the way.

part of the "Conversation" series

 performing at "Sacapuntas!"

part of the "Funny Girls on Film Festival"


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