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Dec 15, 2009

A Trip Down the Ol' Charismatic Christian Memory Lane

Evangelist and ORU Chancellor, Oral Roberts

Me sporting a bad hairdo and my Oral Roberts T-Shirt

Today it was announced that Oral Roberts, founder and chancellor of Oral Roberts University, died at the age of 91. Having not only attended, but graduated from ORU, I know first hand about the school, the policies, the beliefs, and Oral Roberts himself. I also know that many people who attended/graduated from ORU are extremely cynical, bitter, angry, or ashamed over said school. I, myself, am not one of those people. I'm neither a proponent for, or against, ORU. I do not gush about what's good about it, and I don't attend alumni reunions. My time there was what it was. Sure, I have my own personal list of things over which the university and I greatly disagree. And if you asked me what those were, I would tell you. But, unlike some, I don't take pleasure in "talking shit" about the school just for the sake of "talking shit."

Dec 9, 2009


Well, there's parties for hosting and marshmallows for toasting and more importantly, stories that need to be told! Come join us for our final show of '09! Ack! Another year bites the dust. But don't worry, we have just what you need:

Hear stories from:

*Brad Lawrence (Moth Slam Champ, Stories at the Creek)
*DJ Hazard (West Side Stories, Liar Show, Speakeasy)
*Dan St. Germain (Gotham and everywhere else!)
*Tracy Rowland (Moth Slam Champ, Liar Show, Speakeasy)
*Evan Morgenstern (SNC, Comix)

and of course, Dr. Michelle Leona will provide us with LIVE accordion music. We'll also have our staple trivia game and FREE wine giveaway.

Alright, you holiday babies. SEE YOU THERE!