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Dec 15, 2009

A Trip Down the Ol' Charismatic Christian Memory Lane

Evangelist and ORU Chancellor, Oral Roberts

Me sporting a bad hairdo and my Oral Roberts T-Shirt

Today it was announced that Oral Roberts, founder and chancellor of Oral Roberts University, died at the age of 91. Having not only attended, but graduated from ORU, I know first hand about the school, the policies, the beliefs, and Oral Roberts himself. I also know that many people who attended/graduated from ORU are extremely cynical, bitter, angry, or ashamed over said school. I, myself, am not one of those people. I'm neither a proponent for, or against, ORU. I do not gush about what's good about it, and I don't attend alumni reunions. My time there was what it was. Sure, I have my own personal list of things over which the university and I greatly disagree. And if you asked me what those were, I would tell you. But, unlike some, I don't take pleasure in "talking shit" about the school just for the sake of "talking shit."

I chose to go there (well, there were extenuating circumstances, but that's for another time), I received an education, I met my husband of now 5 1/2 years, and I met some of the best friends I've ever had (and still keep in touch with). So, at the news of Oral Roberts death, I do not find myself extremely sad, or happy, just...present. But it did get me taking a little trip down memory lane. So now, in no particular order:

Goshko's Top 10 ORU Memories:

10. Got reprimanded by the women's dorm director for saying "bullshit" in Timko Barton Music Hall.

9. Out of boredom, shaved my head and got a summer job as a prayer partner. Also discovered that Kahlua is tasty.

8. Mailed a dead bird through the campus post office to my first, big crush.

7. Routinely distributed large quantities of caffeine pills to the girls on my floor, should they ask.

6. Broke nightly curfew by using my RA key to sneak out of the dorm and get Taco Bell.

5. Set our table on fire during APO banquet. My friends and I cannot be trusted with candles and napkins.

The culprits of the APO table fire.

4. Ate a box of chocolate laxatives with my roommate to see if they would work and how much use our private toilet could handle.

3. Picked up the bassoon to try and get scholarship money, only to have it revoked on the first day of orchestra practice when I admitted, "I don't learn how to play an 'A' until next week."

2. Stole two cafeteria trays and the "Choose L.I.F.E." banner.

Please note my hot roommate and the stolen tray behind the sink.

We chose LIFE!

and number one on the Goshko Top 10 List...

1. Officially dedicated my senior project to Gilda Radner and held a John Belushi action figure in my school, graduation photo.

Yes, I traveled to her grave after graduation. What?

Not actual graduation photo, but actual John Belushi action figure.

Graduation photo with my very good friend, Heather, also known as my "second banana."

And, of course, the infamous prayer tower. I also used to give campus tours. Booya!

So there you have it! A little glimpse into what the Goshko/ORU days looked like. And yes, I'm still paying off school loans. Bastards!


Paul said...

very well put Leslie.

Rona said...

Omigosh, I'm so effing happy about this I just choked. I love love love it.

Also, I still have that tiara. I like to wear it in the bath. I also like to ring my bell and command Maria to bring me another glass of wine. Is that wrong?

Remember when it snowed and we rode the stolen trays down the hills? And when you stole me the 'R' for 'Roommie Roni' off the Timko Barton building so that it read 'Timko Ba ton Music Hall'? I have that R on display every place I live just so I can tell the story. I love it.

okie said...

This is a lotta fun, babe. And thanks for the non-cynical look.

Many zealots switch brands, fundamentalism or antifundamentalism, but the zealousness remains. said...

Thanks, all!

Heather said...

Ba ha ha ha ha ha ha! I LOVE that setting the table on fire made it into your top ten. That was quite a night. I would have to say, that's one of my top 10 as well. As is Kyle saying, "I think I probably got the part of Proctor...I mean, come on...they had hair like this back then." And of course, who could forget, the infamous calendar? Muah ha ha ha. LOVE YOU, friend!