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Mar 24, 2017

2nd Annual Jesus Christ Superstar at Sid Gold's!

I'm back for the 2nd year in a row to betray Jesus! Join us on Sunday, April 16th, 8pm, at Sid Gold's Request Room as we perform selections from the classic Jesus Christ Superstar. It's Easter Sunday! Let's have some wine and share communion!

"Just One More Thing..."

Oh yes, people. This is happening. From the deep recesses of my brain, I bring you...

Be sure to make those reservations by calling Cornelia Street Cafe at 212-989-9319!

Poster by Andy Christie
It’s the 1970’s. The cocktail parties are glamorous, the brandy snifters abound, the clothes are colorfully polyester, and when foul play occurs, homicide detective Lieutenant Columbo is on the case. But behind every man’s untimely death remains a shattered housewife who wants answers. 

Join Leslie Goshko (Huffington PostSideshow Goshko) as she presents this comedic musical-mystery show where day-drinking is glamorous and chain-smoking the norm. Play detective and receive clues from live musical performances, special guests, overly dramatic pauses, and more. And just when you think you have the case solved, there’s “one more thing”…there always is when you’re dealing with The Real Housewives of Columbo!

And now with special guests:


Piano Karaoke Time!

It's that time again! The time where you bring your pipes, I provide the tunes, and we all have a blissful karaoke time together!

I'll be behind the baby grand at Sid Gold's Request Room tomorrow, Saturday 3/25 and Friday, 3/31, 9pm - 1am. Stop by, have a drink, sing a song!

I will also provide ridiculously over-excited facial expressions.
Check out the current song list HERE!

Music That Doesn't Suck Monthly

I had a blast writing and performing in this sketch for the new show at Le Poisson Rouge, Music That Doesn't Suck Monthly. Be sure to check them out! Good music, good peeps, good times.