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Jun 21, 2009

I'm either becoming a 13 yr old boy or a lesbian in her 20's!

To say that my heart is exploding with happiness over what I'm about to share with you is an understatement. Although not something I usually do, I have been frequenting a comic book store in my neighborhood and getting turned on to such great graphic novels as Fun Home and Shortcomings. While paying for my new fixes, I noticed the most amazing thing on the shelf behind the cash register:

BIG LEBOWSKI ACTION FIGURES!!!! I knew then and there that I must have them. I need The Dude and Walter sitting on my computer desk, looking at me while I update my facebook status. But along with the good comes the bad...they're sold out! Series 1 has been discontinued and not even the ebay sharks are throwing me a bone! WHAT TO DO?!?!? Series 2 & 3 will soon be available and I will definitely look into adopting the rest of the clan. But what about my series 1 babies? I feel like Angelina Jolie in the Changeling!*

So, that being said. I will not give up hope. I will continue the search for my white Russian chugging baby and his anger management challenged brother. But I do find solace in this one fact. The fact that THIS exists:

* I've actually never seen The Changeling, but I've gotta imagine that it goes something like this: "I'm Angelina Jolie! I'm beautiful! My child is missing! I'll do something daring to find him and look hot while doing it! Child found! I'm still hot! Oscar nomination?"

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Okie said...


The Dude's right hand is perfectly poised for a white Russian!