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Jul 21, 2010

Cruel to be Kind

*Blogger is stupid and deleted my original post, so this is going to be a lamer, shorter version. 

I don't understand intentionally cruel people, I never have. That might sound odd coming from a comedian where there are so few topics off-limits, but it's true.

The other night while performing with the BTK Band, some guy went backstage, ransacked everyone's personal items, and made off with a bunch of cash and several cell phones. Once I got back there, I saw that my purse was open and my wallet was gone. Great! I immediately went into crisis mode thinking of all the things I had to do (and thank goodness my husband was there). "Okay, need to cancel my card, make a trip to the DMV for a new I.D. (blech), call my bank, what else am I forgetting..." A girl then came up to me and said that someone found some of their things strewn about the back hallway. I ran back to the greenroom, looked around, and luckily found my wallet with all its innards intact (apparently, the thief only wanted cash, and since I'm a comedian, I'm perpetually broke). I was so grateful! Especially since I despise the DMV!

I was very fortunate in this situation. Things could have been much worse. But since I've been in NY (although this stuff can happen anywhere), I've definitely had my share of running into crappy situations with people breaking the law. One in which I ended up standing behind mirrored glass and looking at a lineup. 

All that to say, this kind of stuff sucks! People who do this stuff suck! I guess I just don't understand what kind of temporary high could be so great where it's worth f*cking with other people's lives. Especially people who are there giving their time and energy for free so they can perform a show and entertain some people for a while. What kind of dick does that?

I'm constantly amazed that I live in a world that can all at once produce some of the most wonderful, beautiful things (art, people, sunsets, music) and at the same time deliver some of the biggest douchebags conceivable. Astounding.

So, Mister Douchebag who steals from poor artists on a Monday, I hope you get some serious Karmic retribution coming your way to kick you in the ass!

If you have a facebook account, log in to see a quick glimpse of him in our video HERE!


okie said...

Glad they narrowed down the footage. Nice post. True, crazy world with sunsets and loonies.

okie said...

Glad they narrowed down the footage. Nice post. True, crazy world with sunsets and loonies.