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Sep 4, 2012

Sideshow Photos and Recaps!

I know you've just been sitting there wondering, "When is Leslie going to upload photos from the past couple Sideshow Goshkos?" Or maybe you've been thinking about why cheese tastes great on EVERYTHING! Either way, I have the long-lost photos (and some cheese in my fridge). So without further a do, here we go:

JULY SIDESHOW GOSHKO w/Joey Novick, Diana Spechler, Dana Rossi, and David Crabb 

Dr. Leona looking lovely as usual

Explaining the perils of Sideshow Sauce
Dana Rossi (host of the Soundtrack Series) on bathroom etiquette.

Joey Novick (Comedy Central) explaining how improv and politics go together.

David Crabb (host of Ask Me Stories) on how friendships can change over the years.
Diana Spechler (author of Skinny and Who By Fire) on a rather interesting dating fiasco.
A good-looking group!

AUGUST SIDESHOW GOSHKO w/Ed Gavagan, Carter Edwards, and Steve Zimmer

A raucous Friday night at the KGB Bar
Giving my hubby a special shout-out for his published poem in This Land Press

Moth GrandSlam Champ, Steve Zimmer, on his summer college job.

Ed Gavagan (Moth GrandSlam Champ) talking about his hot air balloon trip with Walter Cronkite--seriously!

Author of Knucklebond and UCB producer, Carter Edwards

Yours truly sharing a little bit about my recent temp work assignment. 

As always, thanks SO MUCH to everyone who came out to our past couple Sideshow Goshkos. Our next one is Thursday, September 27th, 7pm @ KGB Bar! FREE. We'll see you there ;)

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