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Feb 16, 2012

SiriusXM and 92YTribeca Part II

Hey All!

I'm super excited to announce that next week I'll be back at the SiriusXM studios chatting with the very awesome Mark Says Hi about our upcoming 92YTribeca Sideshow Goshko! We talk storytelling, the show, and who knows what else! But it'll be fun.

Mark and I at SiriusXM Raw Dog Comedy
So, don't forget to tune into Raw Dog Sirius XM 99 next Wed, February 22nd, 2:15pm .
ALSO! If you haven't purchased your tickets for Sideshow Goshko yet, you can cross that off your "To Do" list right now! Simply click HERE! and you're practically done.
Looking forward to seeing you all at the show and I'll be in your earbuds next week! 
And in case no one told you today, you look FABULOUS!

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