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Feb 27, 2013

Derangement of the Senses (New York, NY)

One of my favorite shows to perform on is Derangement of the Senses at Happy Ending Lounge in New York City. How can you not love a show that describes itself as the following:

Derangement of the Senses is a fiction & poetry reading series focusing on multimedia expressionism, people who don't recount stories in a terrifying monotone, the eroticism of fiction, and other incredible acts of literary dynamo. Burlesque performers dance as their favorite literary characters, artists manically illustrate stories live, and cacophonous electronic music swells through amplification of light by the stimulated emission of radiation! The reading is inspired by the proto-punk French poet Arthur Rimbaud, who asserted that the purpose of literature is to f*ck you up.

Awesome, right? Big thanks to the DOTS gang for recording my last performance about mailing dead birds to my first boo. And based on how crazy that sounds, I deserve to have this screen grab. Oy...

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