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Oct 1, 2011

September SG Recap

Hello faithful friends and followers (and mom)!

Well, it was another rainy day, but like I always say...our audience is the BEST! They put on their galoshes, threw back a shot of whiskey, and headed out into the wet to join us for another Sideshow Goshko. With a full house, lively stories, and Dr. Michelle back in the sidekick seat, it was a great evening.

(L to R) Rob Lathan, Leslie Goshko, Nisse Greenberg, Cammi Climaco, Dr. Michelle-Leona Godin (and her sidekick, Igor)

First up we had Nisse Greenberg, host of Drawn Out Storytelling, who illustrated that just because you're on mushrooms, doesn't mean reality isn't just as strange.

Nisse Greenberg

Next up we had the very funny Rob Lathan who showed it takes tenacity to get banned from CNN Talkback. But one good way is to start off by saying, "Hi, I'm Rob and I'm an alcoholic..."

Rob Lathan

Yours truly followed with a tale of racial profiling, stalkers, and predestination...not necessarily in that order.
Leslie Goshko

And finally, cutie patootie Cammi Climaco showed that if you're in a deep depression, you might want to avoid NY art galleries.
Cammi Climaco

Next month, we're super stoked to be making our debut at 92Y Tribeca Mainstage! Tickets are available HERE and we'll be featuring a stellar lineup with tales from:
  • STEVE BURNS (Emmy-nominated host of Blues Clues)
  • TOM SHILLUE (The Daily Show, Comedy Central)
  • ED GAVAGAN (Moth GrandSlam Champion)
and of course, live accordion music by DR. MICHELLE-LEONA GODIN!

Thank you all so much for your continued support and encouragement! I say this with the utmost sobriety...We heart you guys!

Okay, now let's have a drink.

**All photos courtesy of the very talented Maryanne Ventrice.**

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