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Oct 7, 2011

The Container Store

As a comedian, I've had my share of performing at interesting venues: abandoned factories, strangers' living rooms, restaurants where people were eating and had no idea they were about to get bombarded by a live comedy needless to say, when I found out that last night's gig was going to be outside, at night, under a tent, surrounded by converted shipping containers, I was a little skeptical.

photo courtesy of Stephanie Ursula Hodges
But, alas, it was a charming little space known as the DeKalb Market. Surrounded by shipping containers that have been transformed into shops and cafes, you can sit at picnic tables under a canopy of twinkling lights and listen to some of New York's favorite storytellers. Last night's show was produced by PenTales in association with BBOX Radio and hosted by the lovely Stephanie Ursula Hodges (which how cool is it to have "Ursula" as your middle name? I'll tell you. Very!). 

Thanks to my partner in crime, Colin Dempsey, for sharing in the evening and for bringing the wine. Oh, did I mention? You can sip hooch out of paper bags and no one even blinks an eye. It's Brooklyn. We can get away with that.

So, thanks to all who came out last night and thanks to Stephanie and PenTales for having me. Had a blast!

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