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Apr 19, 2011

RECAP: April Sideshow Goshko

A full house, a Gilda Radner action figure, and a lineup that made my heart swell with happiness = April's "Sideshow Goshko!" First off, thanks to our amazing audience for packing out the joint and to the wonderful talents of David Crabb, Tracy Rowland, & John Flynn. What transpired? Well, keep reading...

No show is complete without Sideshow Sauce

Our evening started out with the lovely David Crabb sharing about how his in-flight phobias combined with some bad omens might make him a less-than-ideal travel buddy...

David Crabb

Next was the Emmy Award-winning writer/producer, Tracy Rowland, who showed that cults are not always the most conducive for dating...

Tracy Rowland

John Flynn clearly illustrated that sometimes it's just time to leave Key West! Chicken coops and wig parties are just the tip of the iceberg...

John Flynn

And your host dispelled the belief that cute old men are just cute old men. Sometimes, they're pimps.

Leslie Goshko

And since my Sidekick Dr. Michelle was doing a performance at the Met (yes, THE Met!), Gilda Radner was kind enough to step in for her. She did a stellar job (at creeping everyone out). 

Gilda's one badass bitch!

Overall, it was a terrific evening and we're very grateful for all the support. And thanks to the following for some great press! We're giving you huge cyber hugs:
Our next show is Thursday, May 26th, 7pm @ KGB Bar. Mark your calendars and we'll see you there!

And can I just say, we have some good-looking and talented audience members! Writer and poet, Kyle Erickson, stopped by for the night's festivities. Check him out at

'Till next time! (We're one rough and tumble group. We might just go all 
"West Side Story" on your ass. *finger snap*)

All photos are courtesy of Maryanne Ventrice. So, if you steal her sh*t, give her credit. She's awesome. Full Sideshow Gallery HERE!

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