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Nov 7, 2008

The Gym: Part Two

Seeing as I hate working out, I try to find fitness formats that don't necessarily resemble exercise. The result: I take every dance class they offer at the gym. Unfortunately, the past couple of days these classes have been at night when I already have shows or rehearsals to go to. The solution: the treadmill. Mind you, I don't run on the treadmill--that would be "working out." I simply walk. Now, that may not sound exciting, and it's not. The exciting part is that every single treadmill has it's own flat screen, cable television attached to it. YES! TV! And coming from someone who doesn't own a TV, this is a big deal. On the treadmill I can get Comedy Central, bad Lifetime movies, Oprah--everything! I even extended my 40 minute walk another 30 minutes because I had to watch the end of Center Stage where young Jody tells the dance world to "shove it" because she's going to star in Cooper Nielson's new dance company. Take that, Peter Gallagher!

This concept really is genius! What better way to motivate couch potatoes than to put their fix right in front of their eyes and make them walk toward it. It's the proverbial carrot in front of the horse. Or a doughnut for a fat kid. Or a meth lab for an addict.

Maybe joining the gym is a good idea. I can get all the TV I want from 6am-11pm daily!

... Or maybe I should just walk more and save $200/month by getting cable in my apartment. Eh. It's a toss up.

TV's on the treadmill...BRILLIANT!


Steven Leyva said...

when you you said couch "potatos" all I could think about was the previous post.

Anonymous said...

haha... steven's comment. Good entry Les.I do agree with you on the tv in front as you workout... It also helps you not look at people's potatos, I mean eyes as you walk past them. I hate eye contact in the gym.

David said...

Funny!! so funny, in fact, that I peed just a little...