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Dec 3, 2013

November Sideshow Goshko Recap and Exciting News!

Hi Friends! (and lovahs)

Holy moly, what a fantastic Sideshow Goshko we had last month! You guys completely packed the joint out and our storytellers brought their A+ games. Thank you thank you to everyone for your amazing support and belly laughs. Internet high-fives for all of you! *slap*

And although I can't completely spill the beans yet, we have some very exciting Sideshow Goshko news for 2014! (hint: it's a super duper cool show that we're partnering with a major organization on! That was terrible grammar, but I don't care.)

In the meantime, enjoy these photos courtesy of the lovely Maryanne Ventrice (full photo set HERE) and mark your calendars for our final show of 2013! Saturday, December 21st, 7pm, KGB Bar. Featuring the talents of Brad Lawrence (Moth GrandSlam Champion), Rory Scholl (Chicago City Limits, BTK Band), and Glen Rosenberg (Story Collider). Always free, always at a Soviet Bar.

host Leslie Goshko
Jenny Rubin (The Jenny Rubin Show)
Calvin Cato (Game Show Network)
Jenny is not amused.
Kambri Crews (author "Burn Down the Ground")

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