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Jul 23, 2013

Maybe the Most Fun I've Ever Had...and we may even do it again.

After nine months of planning and coordinating and booking it finally happened: The Staying Alive 30 Year Tribute Party! On Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 (almost exactly 30 years to the date of Staying Alive's original release date), we packed out Brooklyn's Union Hall with the most fantastically enthusiastic crowd and group of performers. It really was everything I could have ever asked for and overwhelmingly MORE!

I've had this idea for literally almost an entire year, and to watch it unfold in such a fun and collaborative way made it worth every second of work (but let's be honest, it's not really "work" when it's Staying Alive). We had a live house band covering songs from the movie's soundtrack (props to my band The StalloneTones and to Frank Stallone for re-tweeting our event!),

a panel full of experts on the movie as well as Staying Alive neophyte, Mr. John Flynn, who we got to watch experience the movie and its effects in real time,

a Staying Alive Ultimate Trivia Challnge (which yes, I spelled it incorrectly 'cause that's what making a game board at 12:30am while drinking wine will turn into),

audience giveaways which included swag like the Staying Alive dvd (donated by Kim's Video), a gift certificate to Ovenly Bakery, and tickets to a production by Horse Trade Theater Group,

and last but not least, the unveiling of a signed head shot by none other than John Travolta dedicated to the Staying Alive 30 Year Tribute Party!

Overall, it was a dream come true for my Staying Alive-obsessed nerd self, and it wouldn't have been possible without everyone's support.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Staying Alive 30 Year Tribute Party! Your guys' energy and enthusiasm was off the charts! Thanks to my fellow StalloneTone members (Ryan O'Toole, Andy Christie, Bill Chambers) for all their hard work and talent, and thanks to my fantastically hilarious panel members for their wit and humor. Thank you to Union Hall for backing this insanely specific idea and thanks to Ovenly Bakery, Kim's Video, and Horse Trade Theater Group for their donations. In the words of John Travolta per the headshot he signed for us, "Dreams Do Come True!"

all photos courtesy of Maryanne Ventrice & Craig Ruttle. Full photo gallery HERE! And our big thanks to Todd Jackson for filming the entire evening.

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