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Jun 3, 2013

May Sideshow Recap!

Hey Gang!

So, there's good news and there's bad news. The good news is, KGB Bar remodeled and updated their bathrooms! And for all the ladies who have had to use that first stall with the half-missing door, you know what an awesome big deal this is.

The bad news is, the once quiet older bathrooms have been updated with the world's LOUDEST hand dryers and crypt-keeper-type squeaking doors. As you can imagine, for a place that runs literary events, this can be quite distracting. BUT, lest I sound ungrateful, I will say that I still heart KGB and you all proved to be the best and most loyal audience out there. So, thank you! Our May show was another full house with tales from Kambri Crews, Joey Novick, Joanne Solomon, and Thomas Pryor. 

We'll be back at it on Thursday, June 27th, 7pm with true, bizarre tales from David Crabb, Emily Epstein White, and Jake Hart. Always free, always at a Soviet Bar.

(full photo gallery HERE. all photos courtesy Maryanne Ventrice)

host Leslie Goshko
"River to River" author Thomas Pryor sharing a sweet family tale.
Off-Broadway performer Joanne Solomon recounting an interesting "Burning Man" experience.
"Burn Down the Ground" author Kambri Crews shedding new light on David Lee Roth.
Comedic Politico Joey Novick on how you don't want to underestimate the Democratic underdog.

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